There are no magic tricks to winning at roulette, but you will find ways to try your luck differently.

 You will also get to know the scientific tricks that have made the fortune of their inventors some; unfortunately, today is impossible to use.

Trick of the 13 numbers at roulette

The method of the 13 numbers on the roulette is a very well-known trick used by professional players.

It is not based on mathematical calculations or formulas that have no basis in a game like roulette.

 In roulette, the marble can fall in any number or color on each spin regardless of what came out first.

The trick of the 13 numbers is based on this rule, but let’s see how it works.

 How this roulette system works

This trick has always given me great satisfaction both on live and software roulette.

It is based on the (real) principle that the ball has the same probability of falling anywhere on the wheel with each play.

It does not take into account the numbers that have come out previously or the colors.

 It is the only system, apart from playing white or black, which allows you to have the games evenly distributed throughout the wheel.

Win by studying the flaws of roulette

The most famous is the one invented by Joseph Jagger, who at the end of the nineteenth century managed to win more than 2 million francs at the Monte Carlo casino.

Jagger was a textile entrepreneur from Yorkshire. Looking at the wheels of the weaving machines, he noticed that all of them were imperfect and that even a very small defect could cause an imbalance.

Jagger’s trick stems from the hypothesis that all roulettes may have mechanical defects. Thanks to these mechanical defects, some numbers may come out more often.

To support this thesis, Jagger played the same roulette for a month, keeping track of all the numbers released. Eventually, he studied the data and figured out which numbers came out most often.

At this point, he returned to the casino and started playing high numbers only on those numbers that came out most frequently.

Thanks to this study, he managed to win 2 million francs, which is the equivalent of 8.5 million dollars today.

After this great win, Jagger was remembered for having “broken the Monte Carlo bank.”

 Measure the speed of the ball to win

The first to devise this trick was the Eudaemons, a group of students who in the 70s won $ 10,000 at the Santa Cruz casino.

These guys created a laptop that they installed in a shoe. Through a hidden camera, the roulette wheel was framed, and the computer thus received the speed of the ball and the wheel. Thanks to this data, the computer obtains the numbers that would have come out most likely. At that time, there weren’t enough small displays, so the computer revealed the right numbers through vibrations that were performed by a mechanism they wore under the shirts.

In 2004 an advanced version of this trick was used by three players at London’s Ritz casino. These players used a laser scanner that connected to a mobile phone could calculate the speed of the ball and wheel and thus obtain the numbers that would have come out more likely. With this system, they managed to win 1 million dollars.

How to manipulate online and bar slots

The slot machine is a game that rarely allows you to have substantial winnings and often considerable losses. It is believed that playing with slot machines is a matter of luck only and that the player cannot influence the progress of the game much. In summary, manipulating online slot machines is not possible, because nobody has access to the source code of the slot. On the contrary, for bar machines and VLTs, we think it is possible to manipulate them just by physically intervening, but this would be a scam, and there have already been, especially for those not connected to the aams circuit.

On the other hand, luck certainly has a very high percentage close to 100%, but the player adopting the right strategy can, in a certain sense, control, manage, and even manipulate the slot machines. After all, what “commands” the slot machine is still a computer, an algorithm, so human intelligence should be able to take over.

There are behaviors to adopt, rules to respect, and tactics to follow: in this way, it is possible to “screw” the computer. To tell the truth, there is no unequivocal behavior that ensures 100% victory; otherwise, we would all be playing and winning in front of the slot machines.

However, following certain behaviors can help you better understand how slot machines work, when to step on the hand, and continue playing and when to “leave the table”.

How to manipulate slot machines?

Manipulating the slot machines does not, therefore, mean tampering with the machine to obtain the winning combinations, but it means adopting certain behaviors that in a certain sense dismantle the beliefs of the software, given that the slot is in part also mathematical, as it works according to certain algorithms that they must be studied, analyzed, understood and interpreted. Depending on the bet, the sequence of bits, the algorithm may change.

The trick is to confuse the slot during our play, making him believe that he is a certain type of player, and then immediately change our behavior, thus generating some confusion in the software that manages it, but let’s take an example that makes it even better idea of ​​what we are talking about.

The slot after a certain number of hands makes an algorithmic calculation and adjusts according to what is the way of playing of an average player and his bets, depending on these the system will return a series of variable results with multiple sequences or less fortunate, but which, in general, will never give great results to the player.

Basically, once you start playing the slot tunes in to you and theorizes the type of game you are carrying out, in this way it will automatically adjust the results in its favor, not allowing you to obtain substantial winnings, or at least making them much rarer than it does if you adopt the system we are going to tell you.

The only system at your disposal to manipulate the slot machines and turn the results in your favor is to vary your game, whereby “varying the game” we mean the number of bets, their value and the most pay lines possible, only in this way, having a non-linear behavior the machine will not be able to calibrate on you and will be able to return more winnings.

Be careful what we tell you. We are not sure it is correct, so do not take what is written as a law, but as our belief.

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